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O que eles dizem - Inglaterra

Manuel Alegre presented today in Lisbon the book «Dom Duarte e a Democracia: uma biografia portuguesa», by Mendo Castro Henriques.

"With pleasure" and "free of complexes", the independent candidate to the last presidential elections was in Chiado, alleging "common national values" with Dom Duarte; the values of those "who do not need surveys to know that they want to remain Portuguese".

At the cerimony (which was attended by Dom Duarte and Isabel de Herédia), the socialist deputy said that we're living a moment "when patriots who affirm the permanent values of Portugal are necessary". In return, Dom Duarte said that "the patriotic values are not a monopoly of the Monarchy, nor of the Republic; of the Left, nor of the Right".

The heir to the throne declared that we must question "the future we want for the country; if we really want to be a mere region amongst any Iberian or European federacy" and emphasized the value of national independence.

On the other hand, when presenting the book, Manuel Alegre showed "surprise", regarding some episodes of the life of Dom Duarte Pio, namely the fact that the heir to the throne was in Saigon, days before the April 25th 1974, from where he had sent a document, in support to the Movement of the Armed Forces and to the Junta de Salvação Nacional.

At the end of the presentation, Dom Duarte ran away from the autographs and dedications, to privately celebrate the 40th birthday of Dona Isabel de Herédia.

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